AFC Portchester chairman Paul Kelly has released the following comments following today's 4-1 defeat at Alresford Town.

He said: "After a really disappointing start to the season I need to ask questions.

"We started with a 4-0 home win v Shaftesbury then in the last four games go one up then 2-1 down at half time.

"I’m being asked daily what’s going on - if I knew the answer we would be top of the league unbeaten.

"So reality check – we bounce back from this dreadful form and get back to winning ways. If not then me as chairman will be judged.

"Then let’s see where this club is really heading. If it’s the Wessex League next season then I truly have failed as chairman of this great club and others need to look at stepping up to the mark and either supporting me or saying everyone has a time limit on their leadership let’s look beyond.

"If that’s the decision I will accept it and support those who can deliver as so far I clearly have not."


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