Despite the Coronavirus restrictions, AFC Portchester has still paid tribute to the village’s fallen heroes this Remembrance Weekend.

The club had planned to hold a remembrance ceremony before their scheduled Sydenhams Wessex League Premier Division home fixture against Bashley on Saturday.

The Last Post and Reveille were to be sounded by a bugler, a minute’s silence held and a poppy wreath laid on the pitch, as well as the Portchester players wearing poppies on their shirts for the game.

However, the club still performed a short ceremony where a poppy wreath and shirts with poppies on were placed on the centre spot of the Crest Finance Stadium’s pitch, and those who had made the ultimate sacrifice for their country were remembered.

Vice chairman Graeme Moir said: “We were disappointed that our scheduled game couldn’t go ahead because of the lockdown and therefore meant our remembrance service plans had to be cancelled.

“But as a club, we felt it was important to still recognise our fallen heroes during this period of remembrance so we laid the wreath and shirts on the pitch as planned.

“We are also publishing all of the names listed on Portchester’s war memorial (below) so we can all pay tribute to those villagers who did not return from the conflicts they served in. I would urge everyone to take time over this remembrance weekend to read the names and remember the sacrifices those people listed made so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today.

“Portchester’s close proximity to Portsmouth – the home of the Royal Navy – has always meant people from our community have gone off to war to serve their country in the navy and other armed forces.

“During these times of conflict our community has been heavily affected by the losses of loved ones, family members and friends. I can remember the Falklands War as a five-year-old, one of several pupils at Northern Infant School whose father had gone to war, serving on HMS Sheffield, and the worry and stress that brought to our families.

“I was fortunate and thankful to see my father return home safely.

“And sacrifices were not only made by service personnel – the list below includes the names of civilians killed by enemy action which hit the village during the Second World War. Portchester’s close proximity to Portsmouth meant it didn’t escape some of the bombing the city endured across the harbour.

“AFC Portchester is proud to remember our community’s fallen heroes and we hope our supporters and the wider community will join us in remembering the ultimate sacrifice our fellow residents have made.”

The club also remembered Fusillier Lee Rigby, who was attacked and killed in Woolwich in London on May 22, 2013. The club’s shirts proudly display the Lee Rigby Foundation’s logo. The foundation raises funds to help support veterans and their families.

The list of names below is taken from the war memorial and Book of Remembrance which can be found inside St Mary’s Church at Portchester Castle.


First World War

Roland Leonard Bartlett

Andrew Bradford

Harold Burgess

Edwin Cecil Russell Christmas

Ernest Cole

George Coombs

Charles Edward Cooper

George Hubert Cooper

Charles John Crowther

Arthur Henry Dews

John Sturgess Eldred

Geoffrey Franklin

Leslie Keith Franklin

Edmond Poole Gabbett


Leonard Gates

Douglas Harry Gull

John Walter Gunning

Alexander Jacobs

Edward Marchant

Edwin Henry Martell

Peter M’Cue

William Hedley Meatyard

Herbert Peach

Harold William Pink

Claude Charles Pratt

Henry Charles Pratt

William Pratt

Charles Henry Price

Thomas Wilson Pugh

Hugh Charles Reeves

Arthur William Richardson

Arthur William Ross

George Thomas Rowlett

Albert Edward Sarfas

George Henry Scott

Walter Edward Simpson

Ewart George Willsteed


Second World War

George Edwin Allison

Ronald Clifford Bailey

Geoffrey Conway Baker

Stephen George Barber

Stanley Cyril Barnes

Bernard Arnold Thomas Bartlett

Ronald Herbert Bartlett

Harold John Batchelor

Raymond Leonard Bates

William John Bates

Stanley Walter Beckett

Ronald Edward Bishop

Arthur Charles Black

Hal Branch

William James Branchflower

Leonard Branton

Herbert William Broad

Frank Brown

Frederick Brown

Leonard Bertrand Brudenell

Henry William Bullock

Albert George Campbell

Edwin George Carpenter

Robert Edwin Clarke

Charles Edwin Clasby

Rendle George William Climo

John Connor

Basil Samuel Creswell Cook

Douglas Richard Cook

Albert James Cooper

Sidney James Cope

Arthur Frederick Lacey Crisp

Norman Charles Daventry

Edward Sturgess Eldred

William Henry Fielder

William Milo Charles Fuller

Joseph William Gardner

Thomas Frederick Gilbertson

George William Gillard

Reuben Arthur William Grice

Leonard Frederick Harman

Cyril Dennis Hayman

Victor John Hayter

Davidson William Hepplewhite

Edward Rowland Hewett

John Edward Hewitt

Leonard Matthew Hills

Horatio John Hinde

Leonard Richard Hitches

Cecil Holland

David Josiah Wilfred Houghton

Robert Homer Howden

Cyril Parkinson Hully

Arthur Leslie Hulse

Douglas Harry Hunt

Edward George Hunt

Albert Edward Jacobs

George Edward Jacobs

Raymond Daniel Jerrard

Albert Edward Jones

Cyril Keeton

Albert John Lahye

Alan Edward James Lansley

William Norman Lawrence

William Leishman

Harold Gregory Llewellyn

Arthur Edward Walter Lynch

Leslie Harold Marchant

Walter Maynard

Frank McGee

William McKay

Andrew McLean

Arthur Frederick Meaden

Frederick Edwin Bryant Meaden

William Gordon Middleton

John Henry William Miller

Gordon John Mills

Jack Mitchell

Ernest George Moore

Frederick James Bill Moore

John Moore

Harold Morgan

Frederick Arthur Nail

Robert Charles Needham

John Henry New

Thomas Arthur Newsham

Victor Jack Offord

Thomas George Osborne

Bertram Charles Paget

Stanley Owen Paice

Herbert Philip Painting

Reginald William Palmer

Norman William Paples

Harold York Patten

Frank Arthur Penn

Harold Pilkington

Sydney Herbert George Pink

Sidney Laurence Plaskett

Frederick George Edward Pope

William Walter Powell

Frederick Henry Preston

William George Randall

Douglas Read

Richard William Rabone

Jack William Richards

Arthur Charles Russell

Alfred Spalding Russell

Charles William Russell

Percy Lawrence Sadler

George Edward Salisbury

Charles Ambrose Sandilands

John William Searley

Stephen Joseph Slade

Bernard Frank Smith

Frederick Harry Stanley Smith

George William Smith

Humphrey Hugh Smith

John Henry Smith

Peter John Southwood

Patrick Arthur Terrance Spencer

Frederick Walter Sparkes

John Sprakes

Dennis Arthur Squire

Edward James Stamp

Eric Albert Starks

Ernest Samuel Suter

John Stokes

Cyril Leslie Sturgess

George Edward Thorpe

Frederick James Timms

Frank Tribe

Major Thomas Truckle

Cecil William Thomas Varley

Frederick Walker

Frederick Edward Wallis

Alexander Charles Warder

Arthur John Frederick Wearn

William Ebenezer Whale

Charles Arthur Whitefield

Leonard Wilkinson

Denis Gerald Willy

Walter James Wilfred Wrigglesworth

Herbert Charles Wright


Civilians killed due to enemy action in the Second World War

John Richard Darnborough

Andrew Gibson

Isabell Gibson

Florence Ester Hayter

Marion Joyce Hayter

Raymond Roy Hayter

Arthur Henry Holmes

Margarette Meades

George Ernest Pitman

Ada Doris Turp

Elsie May Wiltshire

George Raymond Wiltshire


Falklands War

Kevin Richard Frederick Sullivan

Barry James Wallis



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