The Weather Lottery is lots of fun and we receive 37% of all plays. A fantastic earning potential which will help in our fundraising targets.

We run a transparent Lottery based on weather temperatures.
You can check your daily  numbers in The Daily Mail or online at http://www.

We match your chosen numbers against the second digit of temperatures in fahrenheit in destinations around Europe as follows:

Eg. Corfu is 83 – Istanbul is 96 – Tenerife is 81 – Innsbruck 77 – Edinburgh 62 – Stockholm-64

Choose 6 Numbers from 0-9. The £25,000 winning combination is 361724.

So if you pick numbers 3 – 6 – 1 – 7 – 2 – 4.


match 3 numbers and you  WIN £2.00

match 4 numbers and you  WIN £20.00

match 5 numbers and you  WIN £250.00

match 6 numbers and you  WIN £25,000.00

To date The Weather Lottery has paid out over £ 5,000,000 in prizes.

It costs only £1 per week that’s 25p per day for four draws Monday to Thursday and you can win up to £ 25,000 Daily.

When you play on-line, you do so through a secure e-payments system, so you know that your details are secure.

You must go to

to subscribe to this great cause and give yourself the chance of winning £25,000


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